Serotonin Eatery: it’s time to feel happy

Serotonin Eatery, the place where the food makes you as happy as it looks. It’s no wonder this place is bustling with people and receiving high praise everyday. Situated within the suburb of Burley, (again, this is one for you Melb folk) the plant-based eatery promising happiness invites high expectations of both the menu and the atmosphere.

Basically, serotonin wants you to feel happy and healthy by releasing the chemical serotonin, which stimulates neuron function in the human body. To do this, the team have developed a breakfast and lunch menu, serving produce in its most natural state. Clever huh? The popular Nutrition Bomb is a generous bowl of colourful vegetables topped with house-made hummus and the Happy Zucchini Linguine makes you question your relationship with classic pasta.



The dessert menu crafts raw varieties of traditional favourites ranging from Golden Gaytime to Jaffas. The best news is these desserts make you feel as good as they taste and without that high calorie intake! If you’re not in a chocolatey mood, which is apparently possible, Serotonin’s got you covered. There’s an inclusive range from carrot cake to raspberry lamingtons.

The theme of happiness is well reflected in the interior. You’ll see bright colours, shiny gold cutlery and a plethora of seating options. Did I mention there’s swing seats? That’s right, it’s time to set your inner child free! They are things of wonderment that transport you back to the playground as you sip on a smiley face latte in the warm sun.

If you find yourself in Melbourne, Serotonin is definitely worth stopping for.

Serotonin Eatery: 52 Madden Grove, Burnley, Vic 3121

  • Open Wednesday to Sunday, 8am-3pm
  • Free parking

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